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eduVPN beta apps

The eduVPN app for Android was released in January 2017. Since recently there are (beta) apps available for Windows and Linux as well. The windows installers, which should work for Windows 7, 8 and 10 are available here: https://github.com/Amebis/eduVPN/releases/ For Linux…..

Level of encryption and OAuth info

  François Kooman, eduVPN lead developer, created an overview of the used eduVPN crypto Also an overview of how OAuth is being used in eduVPN was depicted here  


EduVPN enables students, employees and researchers to connect securely and encrypted to the Internet from any standard device. EduVPN integrates with the institutional network so that internal ICT services can be made available in a secure manner

First NREN deploy

 SURFnet will be the FIRST NREN offering eduVPN as a service to its constituency. Institutes in the Netherlands will be able to replace their current VPN concentrators by a centrally hosted cloud-like managed eduVPN service. The official launch date is scheduled for…..


eduVPN integrates smoothly with federation services via SAML and currently most effort is put on creating easy-to-use and secure apps for Android, IOS, Windows and MacOS. The server side components have been released end 2016. In December it was decided…..


eduVPN is an initiative of SURFnet, NORDUnet, DeiC and AARNet to make VPN technology commonly available, by building better and more user-friendly tools. Security wise eduVPN will raise the bar in comparison with other VPN solutions. The joint effort is…..